Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Breaking the habit

As you can see...Mason is in love with his binkies. He turns 2 in April and I know that is when I'm going to be breaking his heart.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank you alcohol!

Today I am very thankful for potent products that remove stains.
  • Jordan decided to color both pant legs with red pen yesterday at school. Not just a line...both thighs were completely red. At first I thought it was paint. I am very thankful that hairspray took it off. He's almost 10 years old....the little creep.
  • Mason decided to write on our fairly new couch with black pen. When hairspray didn't take it out, I tried nail polish remover and that did the trick. Yeah! I never even saw him do this, nor did I find a black pen anywhere. I just happened to notice the artwork.
  • Lexi had a shirt that had a sticker on it and I missed it when it went through the wash. It came out with a goo stain that wouldn't come off. Luckily, I had some goof off. That did the trick. Hooray.

I hope I don't have to remove any more stains today. I hate removing stains and the never ending loads of laundry.