Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Noah's walking!

Noah has been practicing his walking for the past couple of weeks and he has become more confident each day. Check it out:

Noah walking from Kristi Farr on Vimeo.

I'm not sure why he grunted every time he walked, he normally doesn't do that. Kinda funny.
He has been trying to talk more too. He knows Hi, Peek-a boo, bottle, Ma ma, Da da, Vroom. These are the words he says on a regular basis. Of course, he understands a lot more than what he can say. I taught him to give me kisses when I ask. So adorable.

Update on Mason

Mason is enjoying his preschool. Here are a few recent pictures.Posing in the form of the letter "E" . This idea was stolen from a friend in Nevada. (Thanks Kathryn) It's been fun to hear how the 4 year old brain works. I think I laugh every day at something he says, but a couple I can remember are:

* He asked my why the moon was following us when we were driving in the dark the other night.

* He wanted to see if the Easter Bunny would bring him a bicycle because he thought it would be funny to try and see if the Easter Bunny could fit it into his basket. (He just got a bike for his birthday a few weeks ago).

I love this little guy.


Easter was fabulous as usual. We colored eggs and had a treasure hunt with the kids on Saturday. The Easter Bunny hid all of the Easter baskets for Sunday and the kids were delighted with their loot. Doug and I went to church in shifts because Mason and Noah have been sick with colds. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of the kids who did get all dressed up. I will have to get a good picture soon. It was fun just spending time as a family.

There were 11 colors in our Easter kit this year....so crazy. I think they had 6 when I was growing up. Do they really need that many colors? I'll tell you one thing...I didn't boil 77 eggs which would allow each family member to have one egg of every color.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art Recognition

To our surprise, Kaylee's artwork was chosen to represent McAuliffe Elementary in the District Art Show. I asked her what the artwork was and she didn't even know until she got there. LOL. Great job Kaybabe!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Noah's First Birthday

Noah turned 1 on the 13th of this month. I can't believe how the past year has just flown by. He still prefers to crawl. He has only taken a few steps on his own with some prompting. He thinks it is a game to fall into my arms. I just love those little cheeks. Grandma gave these Thomas the Train shirts to the boys for their birthdays. I wanted them to both look at me and smile...but after several tries, this is the best shot I got: I made this train cake: And he received a train as his main gift from mom and dad: Overall...he had a fun birthday (at least, I'd like to think so)!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Battle of the Books

Kaylee participated in this year's Battle of the Books. Her team didn't make it to the district level, but she had an enjoyable time anyways.
Princesses of "BOB" was the team name they chose. Kaylee is the one in the bottom right hand corner.

Mason turns 4!

Mason turned 4 last Saturday. After making him some yummy pancakes for breakfast he opened his present. He loved playing with his new gifts.We headed out to the restaurant of his choice for lunch. He chose Wendy's. Afterwards we went to the Funplex for a game of Miniature Golf. When we arrived home he blew out his candles on his Spiderman cake that I made for him.

Mason's Birthday from Kristi Farr on Vimeo. (I thought it was funny how Jordan ends the song with a high note)

Happy Birthday Mason!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Lexi had her birthday in the beginning of March, but she has been waiting in anticipation for her birthday party. Today we finally were able to accommodate her wishes. Our family was burdened with the stomach flu for the past few weeks, but we have been well for over a week...and hopefully we'll stay that way for a long time. She chose two friends to go the funplex and go swimming (she has a lot of friends so this was a difficult choice for her). After swimming we came back to the house for food and presents. We all had a good time. I made these butterfly cupcakes for her birthday. They were really fun to make. Eight years old! I think it took her like 4 or 5 blows to blow out all of the candles. Here she is with one of her presents:

Lexi Birthday from Kristi Farr on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday Lex!

Garden of the Gods

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to head out of town. We traveled a couple hours away to Colorado Springs. While we were there we went to the Garden of the Gods. It was a lot of fun hiking around and we had 75 degree weather that day. Noah loved being outside. Whenever we open the door at home he goes for the door as fast as possible. I just love kissing those chubby cheeks. Mason loved exploring and hiking around. Lexi, Kaylee & Jordan begged to go on more hikes the next day. Unfortunately it was cold the next day. We went miniature golfing at a place that was only $2/person. Very cool. They had 3 courses to choose from and the kids had a great time.

We found a fun park and roasted hot dogs and s'mores for dinner. We stayed overnight at a hotel which was really fun for everyone. It makes me want to go on another vacation already. I am loving this warm weather.