Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Last night was our Pinewood Derby. Jordan came in 6th place out of 14 participants. He really didn't care if he placed or long as he wasn't in last place.

Way to go Jordan!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Mason was playing with a toy that had several different colors.

Mason: Dad, what color is this?
Dad: Red
Mason: Great Job

Mason: Dad, what color is this?
Dad: Blue
Mason: Great Job

(This continues through all of the colors)

Mason: You're doing a great job on your colors Dad!

(Mason has known his colors for a long time now, and apparently Dad is doing a great job learning his colors too!)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Seussical The Muscial

At Doug's High School, the students put on the musical, "Seussical The Musical". Doug was able to get free tickets for the whole family. We all loved it! I love going to plays and musicals and haven't been to one for a long time. Doug, unfortunately, missed the second act because Mason was too noisy. I was hoping that since it was Dr. Seuss, that he would just watch the entire performance. He talked a lot and was distracting to others around us so Doug took him out. I told Doug that maybe he could go back tonight or tomorrow night on his own to catch the 2nd half. The rest of us thoroughly enjoyed it.
If you haven't seen this musical, I highly recommend it.

Friday, March 12, 2010


The girls made up Squating. It is a combination of skating and scootering. It looks very dangerous, but the girls think it is really fun.

Squating from Kristi Farr on Vimeo.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Lexi's 7th Birthday

Today Lexi turned 7. We give our children the choice to either have a kid party or a fun event with the family. Lexi chose the family event (which I was thrilled with her decision). Doug and the kids have the day off school due to end of quarter...hooray. Her day started out with decorations, balloons and cheese omelets. We then decorated her cake. Lexi knew exactly how she wanted her cake this year (and it was super easy compared to last year). She wanted a marble heart cake with chocolate frosting. I always enjoy making the cakes for my kids even though I am definitely still an amateur. Lexi and Kaylee had a fun time decorating their own cake out of the cake scraps I cut off to make the heart. Their masterpiece:
She opened her presents a few hours later and said "this is the best birthday ever". She received money and gifts from her parents, Kaylee, her cousin, and both grandparents. She is definitely spoiled.
After lunch we headed out to the Funplex (Rec center here in Greeley) for some water fun. This was definitely cheaper than a kid party (only $15.50 for the entire family). This is the kid zone:
This is the Lazy River (the bucket fills up and dumps on the kids): And the part that the kids liked the best...the slides:

Funplex from Kristi Farr on Vimeo.

Untitled from Kristi Farr on Vimeo.

We came home and had ice cream and cake:If you look closely in the last picture, you'll notice that Lexi is missing her front tooth. It has been really loose this week and today she let me pull it. One of her gifts was a tooth fairy pillow, so she is very excited to use it tonight. She also remembers that when her sister lost her tooth on her birthday, the tooth fairy left extra money.

We are going to have chicken squares for dinner (Lexi's choice) and a movie night. It's been a day long celebration. Happy Birthday Lexi!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Caught Red Handed

Mason is at a stage where he knows when he is doing something that I don't approve of, but not smart enough to know how to get away with it. Sometimes he'll hide under the table doing mischevious things, sometimes he tells me not to come into the room he is in, and sometimes he will cover his face...possibly thinking I can't see him?! Here is a picture of Mason pulling a chair up to the counter, opening the spice cabinet, and getting into the salt. He loves salt and pepper. When I caught him, he immediately covered his face hoping I couldn't see him. I guess it could've been worse...he could've gone for the block of knives sitting next to the stove.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Blue & Gold Banquet

Last week was the Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet. Doug and I are the Cubmasters in our ward and had a fun time preparing for this event. Unfortunately, our family was hit with the stomach flu and only Doug and Kaylee ended up attending. I went over earlier in the day to help set up and decorate along with my fabulous committee.
As you can see, Kaylee stood up there and helped Doug run the program. One of the traditions that they have in this ward is that all of the fathers and sons have to bake a cake and bring it to be judged. Later the cakes are consumed for dessert. Jordan and Doug still made a cake to be judged, even though we knew that it couldn't be consumed due to flu germs.

Two of our ward members judged each cake and handed out awards. Jordan and Doug received an award for "The best looking inedible cake". There were some really awesome and creative cakes that these kids brought. Since cub scouting has been around for 100 years this February, the theme was a Happy Birthday theme.

I was sad to have planned the event and not been able to see the results. Jordan also seemed sad to have missed his last Blue and Gold Banquet before he turns 11. I have really learned to love the cub scouting program over the past few years.