Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blue Hair

Last week when the boys had their haircut, the stylist put blue gel in Jordan's hair. He thought it was totally awesome.

It was just temporary and washed out when he showered the next morning. I wanted to get a front view, but my camera battery died as I took this picture.

Monday, February 15, 2010


For those who follow my blog, you may remember that my diamond fell out of my wedding ring in January. For Valentines Day, Doug surprised me with having it fixed...hooray:
They also cleaned it. Now it is so pretty and shiny again...just like the day he proposed. We also had a "family" candlelight dinner.

This kids had homemade pizza, while Doug and I ate Steak. Yummmmm..... The candlelight part was Lexi's idea and somewhat last minute. But we lit some candles, turned off the lights, and played soft restaurant music. Everybody was happy.

I hope all of you had a great Valentines Day too!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Big Band Boogie Ball

There is a 21 year tradition here in Greeley to hold the "Big Band Boogie Ball". It is at held at UNC (University of Northern Colorado). Doug helped to organize and participate in this fabulous event. Several volunteers and the boosters club helped set up and decorate the Ballroom. The boosters club collected donated gift baskets to auction off as part of a fundraiser:

Since this is such a big tradition here they always get a fabulous turnout. They had more than 500 people come to dance it up on the dance floor. They had several different Jazz bands perform. This included 3 of Doug's Jazz Bands, "Kream of the Krop" (a local Jazz Band), and 3 of the middle schools had their Jazz band perform. They also had a professional sound DJ. What a wonderful event to hold near Valentines Day. Here is one of Doug's Jazz Bands that performed....Jazz 1:

Jazz 1 at the Big Band Boogie Ball from Kristi Farr on Vimeo.

I am looking forward to attending this event with Doug in the future. I didn't attend this year because of me being so pregnant, not having a dress, and not getting a babysitter. Maybe in a few years....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Talent Show

Kaylee tried out for the school talent show with her friend Eden. There were 60 acts that tried out and only 30 were chosen to perform. They made it in! Last Friday they performed the show in front of the entire school. Kaylee didn't have a big part, but she did great. Her friend Eden sang the song "Popular" from the musical "Wicked". Kaylee played the Wicked Witch of the West and had a few speaking lines. This is a picture of Kaylee and Eden before the show began: The show lasted nearly 2 hours and there were some very talented kids. I enjoyed watching all the kids perform. I cried on about 4 different acts. (Kids I didn't even know). This is my pregnancy hormones. I am normally not a crier. Mason slept through most of the show, but unfortunately woke up right before Kaylee's act. This is unfortunate because I was planning on getting that perfect recording. Instead I got Mason pulling on the camera and trying to put the lens cap on. So...the above picture is all you get. I loved watching you Kaylee!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Little Conversations

I find it so hilarious to have conversations with my 2 year old. There is a point when you wonder what your baby is thinking and as they get older, it is fun when they can express themselves. This is a conversation I recently had with Mason:

Me: Mason, Do you want to go with me to the Doctors? Mommy has an appointment today.
Mason: Are they going to fix you?
Me: They are going to take some of my blood to make sure the baby is okay.
Mason: From your hair?
Me: No....they will take the blood from my arm.
Mason: Oh, yeah...right.

On the way to the Doctors office...

Mason (as we are pulling out of the driveway): Where is the doctors?
Me: It's about 10 minutes away.
Mason: Is that his house?
Me: No
Mason: Is that his house?
Me: No, that's not his office.
Mason: Is that his office?
Me: (We are barely pulling out of the neighborhood now) No.
Mason: Is it back behind us?
Me: No (growing a little impatient now)
Mason: Is it up ahead of us?
Me: Yes...we'll be there in just a bit.

At the Doctors office...

Mason: (Standing at the check in desk) Are we done yet?
Me: No, we just got here. It will be a little while.
Mason: (As a man walks by) Mom, who's that guy?
Me: Just a guy.
Mason: (As a woman walks by) Mom, who's that guy?
Me: That's just a woman
Mason: (As a woman with a cane walks by) Mom, what's that?
Me: That's a walking stick called a cane. the questions are endless, and sometimes it does get a little tiring answering all of his little questions. But since he's 2 and so inquisitive I know he is just learning so much and trying to take everything in. Such a fun stage.