Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lexi's baptism

Lexi turned 8 on March 5th and was able to get baptized that same day. We were lucky to have lots of family come to celebrate:
Grandma & Grandpa Farr:

Grandma & Grandpa Burgess:

All the Farr cousins(except for Judson. We should just crop him in somehow)

Lexi had a fun day. After the baptism she chose to go to Golden Corral for dinner where she ate as many as desserts as possible. She was excited to get her scriptures, scripture case, baptism memory book, necklaces, a bracelet and a Holy Ghost night light for her baptism celebration. (Yes...she was absolutely spoiled!!!)

Mason's first day

I recently joined up with a couple of friends to do preschool for Mason once a week. We only have 3 kids and we meet once a week, but it will be fun for Mason to see them and learn. I took his picture:

He has changed so much over the last year. He is growing up so fast!

Lexi's Concert

Lexi recently had her 2nd Grade Concert. It was fun to go and watch her.

Untitled from Kristi Farr on Vimeo.

Noah's bathtime

I always have to have at least one bathtime picture of my kids growing up. I don't know why, but this seems required. Here is Noah:


I can't remember why we took this picture. I think it was because Lexi really liked this dress. turned out cute.

She immediately tilts her head to one side when she knows she is getting her picture taken.


Mason has some neighbor friends that he plays with almost every day. This is Mason and his friend Tyler eating pancakes:

Dentist Visit

We recently went to the dentist and everyone was cavity free. Woot Woot! Mason chose fake mustaches for his prize, but happily shared with the other kids: this last one is not of Kaylee in a mustache, but notice how she has candy in her hand (It was the day after Valentines day that we went).