Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Our church starts at 1:00 pm so we opened presents first, then attended church. Our family had a great christmas.
Everything Jordan is wearing is something he got for Christmas (including the swimsuit):
Kaylee asked for Zebra stuff and running shoes. Here she is wearing a dress and holding a football. This describes her to a T:
Lexi's main gift was a scooter. She lost hers a few months ago. This also describes Lexi to a T: Earlier in December I asked Mason what the most exciting gift he could receive would be. He replied, "I can't tell you, it's a secret". Luckily he is 4 and is satisfied by most toys: Noah was spoiled as well:

The kids all received new church clothes from Grandma. They sure looked snazzy for church:

One gift that we enjoyed over the break was a 12 in 1 game table. Although I did find out I am horrible at playing pool. We had a wonderful holiday season this year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Target Gingerbread House

Each Christmas my work (Target) has a gingerbread house contest. They provide the Gingerbread house kit to anyone who wants to participate. I had a fun time this year designing my house. This is what I came up with this year:
I didn't win...but I had great time decorating my house. There were some VERY creative houses. I was really impressed by the winners.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Concerts

This year we were able to attend a ton of holiday concerts. First we saw Lexi in a Thanksgiving Concert. Here she is singing...The Turkey Tango

The Turkey Tango Lexi Farr from Kristi Farr on Vimeo.

Kaylee and Jordan both had their Christmas Concert on the same night. So Doug went to Kaylee's Choir Concert and I went to Jordan's Band Concert. Unfortunately, we only have one camera so we didn't get any of Jordan this time around.

Mason had a little program at his preschool. Noah and I went during his school day to watch him.

Mason's Preschool Concert from Kristi Farr on Vimeo.

This entertained Noah during the concert.
It's always fun to watch my kids perform during the holidays.