Friday, July 22, 2011

Vacation to Utah

Our family had a great vacation this year to Utah. We were able to visit friends and family and we enjoyed catching up with everyone. We left on Kaylee's 10th birthday. She was spoiled, as usual. When we arrived at my mom's house there were Dunford Donuts waiting for me...I mean Kaylee. I LOVE the chocolate covered cake donuts from Dunford. I haven't found anyone else who makes better donuts. I will have to put a picture of that later. My camera battery died and my mom got a I'll have to get that from her. A few days later, Kaylee was able to get this chocolate cake from Grandma Farr:We went to Hogle Zoo on Tuesday with Grandma & Grandpa Burgess. Heather and her two girls also came:

We had a really good time at the zoo.
The next day we headed to the Farr's house. We got together for family pictures at Murray Park. Doug's cousin Katie took pictures of the entire family. I don't have those pictures yet, but I took a few snapshots of my own.

Unfortunately, Noah wasn't feeling well and we couldn't get a good picture of him at all. I didn't take a lot of other pictures, but we also went to Lagoon (well known amusement park in Utah), to the mountains with my family, to the cabin with Doug's family, a Burgess family BBQ, and spent some time with my BFF Melanie and her sister Becky. We had a great trip!

Independence Day

As usual, we headed out to watch the Greeley Stampede 4th of July parade. Doug marched along with his students in the all city band. This year, Jordan was old enough to join in playing his trumpet. Unfortunately, I had to work that evening. Doug and the kids went to Windsor Lake and watched the fireworks over the lake. They had a good time. Our supervisor let my employees and I go on the roof of Target and watch the fireworks too.