Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Pictures

Since I had the camera out after church...I decided to snap a few individual shots of the kids. Noah was I didn't get any of him. Also, he was attacked by mosquitos this week and his head is covered with about 18 bites. Very unfortunate. The first bites of the season always sneak up on us. Here is Mason:

Lexi: Kaylee: Jordan is in the post below. Here is Doug: I am excited to get a family picture in July while visiting Utah. Hopefully Noah's mosquito bites will be all cleared up soon.

Jordan turns 12

This was Jordan when he was 1:

Today is Jordan's 12th Birthday. Yesterday he went fishing and out to eat with his Dad. They had a great outing together. Later, he opened presents, ate donuts and ice cream and had a BBQ.

Today Jordan was ordained a Deacon. He also worked really hard and earned his Faith in God award. Way to go! Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cub Scout Day Camp

Since I am the Cubmaster in our ward, I volunteered to attend Cubscout Day camp. It was really fun (and long). We had sunshine, wind, and rain. I was there for all four days. Here are my boys in my pack: Wolves and BearsAnd the Webelos: They each were able to rotate between 10 really fun stations. Good times.