Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well Summer is almost over and we have been so busy, I haven't had a chance to start posting anything.
Heres a quick summary: June week 1 end of school
week 2 no school slept in
week 3 same
week 4 scout camp all week long in Maple Dell, Utah (in Payson canyon)
July week 1 Jordans Baptism, and Masons baby blessing
week 2 Kaylees 6th Birthday 7/11(Week of rodents) We ate at Chuck E. Chees and then saw Ratatouille!
week 3 I took a Jazz improv class in vegas all week, Kristis birthday 7/19 Kristi, Mason and I went to Harry Potter 5 (very good from what we saw, Mason cried the whole time, so we took him out in shifts)
week 4 Kristi went to Colorado all week to visit her Sister, we have been making some changes to the house......... ; )
Band camp starts next week so its back to work for me!!!!

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