Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Last weekend we were able to watch Doug's band play in the Evans Day Parade. (Evans is a small town connected to Greeley) It was a fun parade. Short AND they threw candy. That's my kind of parade! The kids had a great time.

I recorded a little bit of them playing. They didn't start playing until after they passed us, so unfortunately, you'll see the back of them.

Greeley Central Marching Band and Colorguard from Kristi Farr on Vimeo.


severts5 said...

The band sounds great - sounds like you guys are really happy there. That band looks like it's three times the size of PV's!!

Stacie said...

That's the only way to do a parade! Who was the adult at the back of the band? Those costumes look hot!

Andi said...

Sounds like my kind of parade too!

Angela said...

Nice! I bet you wanted to jump up and grab a flag ;)

Heidi said...

Next time they're in a parade, let us know, we'd love to come check 'em out!

And again, you guys did such a great job the other night. Your kids crack me up! We all had a great time and my kids are still talking about the bench skit!