Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Pictures

Today we drove up to Estes Park and took some "professional" (aka Doug and I took the pictures) photos. We heard about the Elk at this time of year and we were not disappointed.

We also saw this Eagle: Some of you may recognize this was featured in the TV series "The Shining" and the film "Dumb and Dumber": And finally....the pictures of the kids: Noah-6 months old Mason-3 1/2 years old: Lexi-7 years old: Kaylee-9 years old: Jordan-11 years old: The boys: The girls: We never did get a good picture with all of the kids (even though we took tons). Here are a few of the "best ones": We had a good time. Please feel free to comment on which ones you liked the best. (I'm still trying to decide which ones to print and put up on the wall).


Veronica said...

I like the one of Mason smushing his cheeks with the moose in the background. To me, it seems to capture a lot of personality. And Noah is looking at the camera. said...

neat pictures.
I really like the boys and the girls picture.

Pictre #1 is good becauseof the elk and Noah. I like the overall picture of the kids best in #3. Too bad the background isn't better. Kaylee looks so somber in #1. Pros and cons...hard decision.

Kathryn said...

I think it is just fun to see your family. Your gonna have to do without my imput. The kids are growing up. Your pahrump friends miss you.

nana said...

I like the one of Mason with his hands on his cheeks. He looks like he can keep the family hopping! Cute family! I think the nanachildren just got a new piano teacher. Jill's brother plays the piano beautifully. One brother plays the harp also. Hey, it may be the same brother on both . .Marilyn