Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ward Halloween Party

We all enjoyed attending our Ward Halloween Party. It was so much fun. It was held on a farm. There were several games...Cake walk, Bean Bag Toss, Pumpkin bowling, Potato sack races, Donut on a string, Fortune Telling, Face painting, and pumpkin seed spitting (which, apparently, I am horrible at by the way)
Kaylee was an angel for Halloween (she is showing off her cake walk prize): Lexi dressed as a Witch: Potato sack races:
Jordan was a Knight for Halloween: Mason was Spiderman: Noah was a Dalmatian puppy (He even has the slobber part down): They had a hayride set up to take all of the kids to the pumpkin patch where they could pick out their own pumpkin.
They also had these really awesome tunnels out of big bales of hay. The kids played in the tunnels and on top:
After all of the fun and games...we had trunk or treat. The kids stocked up on candy. Jordan also attended another party that a classmate held that evening. Party party party.


Marilee said...

Okay, this ward party looked like too much fun. I won't show Nathaniel - he'll be jealous. We just did Trunk or Treat!

Sandy said...

Wow, that ward party looks like a lot of fun!!!!! Why isn't Kristi in any of these lovely pictures????? I am glad the weather was so good!!!!! Fun times!

Sandy said...

All the kids looked cute...but Noah was such a darling puppy!!!!