Friday, July 30, 2010

I made it! (and so did Mason)

I made it through potty training another child. Mason has been successful in learning how to use the potty this past week. He still isn't potty trained at night, but at least this is a start.
He now goes in on his own...even when he's playing outside. It's great! I am so proud of him. Only one more child to go...WOO HOO! I sooooo hate potty training.

On a side kids are totally in to the slug bug game whenever we go anywhere. They have now added "Cruiser Bruiser" to the game as well. I must be terrible at this game because I get punched A LOT! Mason doesn't quite understand this game and he'll come up to you (in the house), say "red one" and punch you as hard as he can. I think he just likes hitting people. He is definitely ALL BOY!


Kelli said...

My kids are totally into it right now too! I get punched all the time. My excuse is that I am driving! We have also added "Mellow Yellow" to the mix. Yellow cars and trucks are rare--so when you see one you gently pinch the person's arm like you are squishing a marshmallow and yell "Mellow Yellow!" If if is a yellow slug bug you get a squeeze and a punch.

Stacie said...

Way to go! You know, the work is 75% you and 25% the kid. I think us moms should get something for doing it. I would be more motivated if I got something, like a scrapbooking trip. How do I get this idea passed? I am not even going to start the whole slug bug with my kids. I would have a lot of bruises!