Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tassel worth the hassle?

On Thursday, Lexi graduated from "Smarty Pants Preschool". For the past two years she attended preschool two days a week. A group of mothers and I took turns teaching a small group (6 the first year, 8 the second) of preschoolers. It was extremely structured with several subjects for the children to learn. The kids loved it and it was fun to watch them learn and grow. Lexi is definitely ready for Kindergarten. For her graduation she put on a cute program and we watched a DVD that was put together of pictures throughout the year. SO CUTE! Was the tassel worth the hassle? Definitely!

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Katie said...

What a fun and exciting accomplishment for Lexi. And Mom, too. Congrats! I'm sure she'll just love kindergarten!