Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jordan's Braces

It all started about 2:30 AM. I noticed the bathroom light on and got up to inspect. Upon further inspection I found both Kaylee and Lexi in their bed reading books. They were so excited to go to the babysitters house that they both woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. I made them go back to bed informing them that we didn't leave for the babysitters for over 5 more hours. Luckily they obeyed. (I guess we don't get out much). We woke up about 6:15 AM to assure that all of us were ready to go by 7:45 AM. After dropping the youngest 3 children off and getting them settled at the babysitters house it was 8:15 AM. Jordan and I were on our way to his orthodontist appointment. His appointment was scheduled for 9:30 AM and it takes about 1 hour to get there. We were on schedule to arrive 15 minutes early to his appointment. This is very important because Jordan receives incentive tokens from the orthodontist to redeem at a later date...he gets 1 token if he arrives at his appointment on time. We drove about half way to Las Vegas when dread struck! Apparently they are doing construction on the Highway at the top of the mountain for today and tomorrow only. We ended up in a "parking lot" for exactly 1 hour...from 8:43-9:43. With gas expenses so high...I turned off the engine to conserve gas and read a book. Jordan watched "The Bee Movie" (One luxury in our van that I am thankful for). There were people getting out of their vehicles to stretch. I still had cell phone connection and called the orthodontist to let them know I was going to be late.

Can I just vent for a minute....I just don't understand why they couldn't let all the cars through every 15 minutes or so. I know that they are just trying to improve our roads, but why couldn't they do one side today leaving through traffic, and one side tomorrow. All they were doing is paving the little bumps on the side of the hwy that makes you wake up if you start to drift off of the road. In their brilliance, they decide to block both sides of the road, and apparently, let cars through every hour. I just love smart people. Okay...I think I'm done ranting.

So after arriving at the orthodontist at 10:15 (45 minutes late), Jordan finally had his braces put on. He is very excited. Here are some pictures of Jordan in his braces:

He is very happy with his braces and now home playing Guitar Hero III. What else could a kid want?


Katie said...

Oh, braces. A couple years of torture leads to a lifetime of a nice smile. So worth it!

Andi said...

There is alot to be said about always being prepared with a good book to read...

As for Guitar Hero, what else could a boy want? I mean, really!

Casey said...

Thanks for finding us! I hope its okay I add you as a link on my blog so we can keep up with you guys:) Shane says to tell Doug hi!

Shane and Casey Matheson

nana said...

I can't believe you have a child old enough for braces. That sure dates me. Its Marilyn. I linked from Andi's site. Hope you don't mind. She's teaching me how to blog some. It takes lots of time and patience. What a special family you have!!!!