Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today Doug turned 37. Happy Birthday honey!

Over the past 15 years we have had an amazing journey. I consider myself extremely lucky to have married someone who loves me, supports me, is a worthy priesthood holder, and a hard worker. We have many things in common...reading, talking to each other, the same TV shows, working in the yard, eating out, camping, and name a few. Of course, we have our differences too....he likes converse shoes, Phil Hendrie, and spicy food. None of which I care for all that much.

Today he has a busy day of work, Hit Parade auditions, and Scouts. I'm glad we celebrated his birthday on Sunday. Happy Birthday!


Mike said...

Happy Birthday Doug!
As you know, all the cool people are either born in May or married to someone who was born in May. I think it is scientifically proven by the Myth Busters but I cannot back that up.
I hope the day was enjoyable!


Stacie said...

okay, first of all I would like to comment on what Mike said. not ALL the cool people are linked to
May birthdays! Anyway, Happy Birthday Doug. Kristi is lucky to have met and married such a good guy.

The Adventures of Ron, Lori, Lacey, and Riley said...

Happy Birthday Doug!! - The Tolmans

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Doug! I hope you received our card today. Looks like you had a great birthday celebration!
The cake Kristi made you was quite the masterpiece. Good job Kristi, I heard it took 4 containers of frosting to cover your homemade 3 layer cake!

May the coming year be your best year ever! We love you!

Kathryn said...

I am with the cool people born in May comment. :-) Happy Birthday Doug! Isn't it nice being married to your best friend? So happy together...