Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random Thoughts

First of all...."The Biggest Loser". I was extremely disappointed in the winner of The Biggest Loser. Early in the show Helen encouraged everyone to vote her daughter off and let her stay. Who does this? Who throws their own child under the table? She's not 60 and at higher risk...she's in her 40's (although she looks a ton older). Her daughter has an entire future to look forward to. I'm not saying she doesn't look great. I am amazed at all of the Biggest Loser contestants and think highly of their dedication and accomplishments. Helen won fair and square as far as the game is played and how much weight she lost. I just think that if she would have let her daughter stay...maybe her daughter could have lost a ton more weight. What did you think?

Next...I want to say Congratulations to Jordan. He earned 100 percent on his Math CRT's (State Test). His name went into a drawing and he won $50 to Walmart! He bought a Sonic Wii game with his winnings. Congratulations Jordan!
Today was a great day for the girls. Kaylee had a field trip to Lieds Children Museum with all of the 2nd graders. She had a fun time. After school, Lexi and Kaylee headed to girl scouts where they were treated to a manicure and pedicure at a professional nail salon. Afterwards they went to an ice cream store for a treat. I was pretty jealous. Their nails look great.


Kathryn said...

First of all I felt like wearing black yesterday to mourn the loss of Tara on the Biggest Loser. I was really sad.

Wow, congrats to Jordan! What an accomplishment!

And...I am jealous too. I think I need to look into girlscouts again. I bet they loved it. When is Mom treating herself? I'll go with you.

Andi said...

I haven't heard of anyone who was excited about the results of Biggest Loser (not that my circle is that big, but still).

Super cute nails!

Stacie said...

Way to go Jordan! Jacob would have spent his money the same way. I want to join girl scouts if thats what they do for activities! Grandma said "wow what a good treat!".