Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mrs. Speedy, Fishy, and Sparkle

A few weeks ago we "caved" and let the kids buy their own fish. We are not really pet people, so this was a big deal for our family. Now we have a hamster and 3 fish. I am actually enjoying having fish. My only regret is having to find someone to take care of them if we go out of town (and cleaning the tank, of course).

Meet Lexi's goldfish "Sparkle" (on left), and Kaylee's goldfish "Fishy" (on Right). I know you are just so impressed with the names they came up with.

Jordan chose a female guppy and named her "Mrs. Speedy". She is really speedy.


Andi said...

You are caving! Paige informed me the other day that first you get a hamster, then a cat, and finally a dog. Here's hoping that doesn't happen to you! ;)

PeavoyMom said...

lol. I love Andi's comment. If you ever need someone to watch your fishies, let me know. I'd be happy to help. Oh, also... you can get special weekend feeders for your fish and stuff. They are pretty cool.